Out-of-towners gave Measure I suppor

In her front-page story on campaign spending Michele Ellson (“Election 2014,” Oct. 30) noted that opponents of Measure I, Save Our City! Alameda PAC, have not filed pre-election campaign finance statements.

That is correct, as contributions and expenditures have not reached the reporting thresholds. We will report in January, meeting the semi-annual filing deadline.
Frankly, we’ve heard so much negative sentiment about Measure I, it’s not clear a great deal of money was needed. By the time this letter is published, we’ll know if that negative translated to sufficient “no” votes to halt bad public policy in the form of an egregious tax bond measure.

I also note that neither Ellson’s story nor Dennis Evanosky’s story on the same front page (“Out-of-Towners Finance Campaigns,” Oct. 30) mentioned that the overwhelming majority of contributions to the Yes on I campaign came from organizations outside Alameda that stand to profit from the issuance of $180 million in taxpayer bonds. Almost no money has come from Alameda supporters of the measure.

David Howard