Thoughtless and selfish


At 6:25 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 15, our dinner was disturbed for a second time by loud banging and non-stop doorbell ringing at our front door. We weren’t surprised when we asked who it was and a man and a young child answered "we’re Mayor Gilmore’s street team walking for her." Uh, can’t she do her own walking?

Even if I was a fan of the current mayor, this thoughtless and selfish annoyance by any candidate is inexcusable. I hate adding to the dirge of political yard signs, but we’ve put up an "Already Voted" sign in front as a result which probably won’t stop them.

They obviously ignored our "we don’t do any business at the front door" sign in place for years since the last election onslaught of local doorbangers. And instead of all the Alameda election sign-blight everywhere, we’d much rather see Halloween holiday signs and decorations.

We don’t need hired hands or 1984 message propaganda onslaught to influence how we vote. Remember, just because someone has amassed a large monetary war chest to pay for far more signs ruining our city ambience, the most signs may not mean the best candidate for any role.

Don’t let anyone tell you how to vote.

Michael Lano