Don Sherratt Diplomas to Degrees Center to open

We are excited to launch our new Diplomas to Degrees college and career readiness center this Fall! This space in the Club will ensure our high school students receive support and resources to gain access to college. As the program grows, we will expand activities to include our middle school students.

The center is named after Don Sherratt, a longtime Board Member of our Club who passed away last month. Don's dedication to improving the lives of Alameda's youth and teens was felt throughout our Club for many years. And because of his true understanding of the needs of our community's children, Don truly helped our programs and services flourish.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to our new center and program in honor of Don.

Teens can participate in the center's activities each day afterschool, making connections between their interests and future career paths, plan and prepare to enter their postsecondary education and developing the social-emotional skills and attributes to be successful in their educational endeavors.

Please stay tuned for the announcement of the Center's opening date.

— Alameda Boys & Girls Club