Climate Protection Change Response

Thank you for sharing information about Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda (CASA) in the Alameda Sun (“,” April 6), Opinion section. One climate protection change not mentioned is vital to add; the importance of our textile and clothing decisions and their social and environmental impact.

Too much clothing is produced, and we need to understand better the value of what we have. Clothing is a basic human need that is discarded, yes, thrown out, with an estimated 85% of what is produced ending up in landfills or burned annually.

I am a mender and clothing life extender. I like personalizing my clothing by adding a pocket from a pair of jeans that are too worn to wear to my jacket or making my pants into shorts when the bottom becomes too ragged to wear. I have committed to looking at how I can fix, alter or remake what I own before I buy another piece of clothing. I have also committed to washing before donating clothing to our local Goodwill or St. Vincent DePaul stores.

Lastly, I made the time to go to the CASA site and learn about the goodness of this organization to Alameda and its mission for climate protection in Alameda.

— Connie Ulasewicz