Support excellent schools, not shut them down

We urge Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) to work with the community to find ways to save Bay Farm Middle School (BFMS).

Our children deserve excellent schools. As members of the United Democrats of Alameda, we believe in academic rigor, equality of opportunity, and offering enrichment activities that will help students thrive. We stand with Alameda parents, students, and community in opposing the AUSD’s plan to close BFMS.

AUSD’s plans and approach do not serve the interests of Alameda’s students and families. AUSD argues low enrollment at BFMS and “equity” demand its closure. But Bay Farm School is one of the most efficient in the district based on dollars spent per student. It is gloriously diverse with more than a 70 percent minority student body. A California Distinguished School and Alameda’s top-rated middle school, Bay Farm is a gem.

AUSD should support more students to go to BFMS but instead, AUSD has been quietly working behind closed doors to shut it down. To add insult to injury, AUSD surprised the community with its recommendation in January 2023 and told parents if they want to save the school, they had less than a month to get enrollment up. A month!

We are disappointed by the way AUSD has treated students and families. As United Dems, we believe parents and students should be treated with respect. We believe the best student outcomes are achieved when school partners engage the parent community on major decisions.

— Felsha Zuschlag, Rohit Reddy, Joyce Boyd, and Janet Gibson; Board Member of United Democrats of Alameda