Witnessed assault of disabled person

At 10:30 a.m. [on Feb. 8], as I was sitting in my car at the 7-11 at 2301 Lincoln Ave., an employee exited the store and began yelling at a mentally disabled man sitting peacefully on the ground drinking his Big Gulp. The man was right in front of my car, not bothering anyone, quietly enjoying his soda.

The 7-11 employee became more hostile with the man and used foul language, saying, “what are you on a fucking vacation here? Get the fuck out of here!” The 7-11 employee then kicked the man, spat on him, shoved him and continued to yell.

The employee then kicked the handicapped man’s Big Gulp that splattered all over the ground and my car. He was irate.

I got out of my car and said, “you cannot do that!” I called the police, but the handicapped man left the scene. I later found him and asked if he was ok and offered him some food and a drink.

This was a disgusting event that should never have occurred or been tolerated. The employee knew the man was an easy target and could not fight back. I will never return to this location again. Alameda should not allow this behavior toward the weakest and most defenseless citizens of Alameda.

— Brian C. Malone