Article struck a chord

Thank you so much for your article covering the Women’s March in Alameda last Sunday (“,” Jan. 26). I have posted your article on the Commission on the Status of Women Facebook page. I loved your emphasis on empowering youth and raising their voices.

Since I care deeply about access to information, representation of women and lifting other women up, I am offering a couple of suggestions or edits for you to consider incorporating.

I believe the email address of the newspaper at the bottom of the article has a typo. In addition to the League of Women Voters and All Rising, I also spoke as the Chair for the Commission on the Status of Women – Alameda County and was the person who invited the Skyline students and Awele Makeba because of how important hearing from students and teachers is. The Commission’s role advocating for women across the county matters and including it would be helpful in raising it profile to help women even more.

The just elected (and only female) County Supervisor Lena Tam also spoke. I wish you and the Alameda Sun well. The press and journalists are vital to our free society.

— Nina Senn, Chair, Commission on the Status of Women, Alameda County