What does Nazi Salute mean to AUSD

I have it on good authority that, when the Nazi salute is used by an Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) student, the stiff-armed salute is either ignored or dismissed.

I have an idea that I’d like to run up the AUSD flagpole. In club meetings, classrooms and assemblies, all students and proctors and teachers be asked either to come to the front, stand and state and write on a piece of paper what the Nazi salute means to themselves.

The papers do not need a student’s name but should be collected so that the AUSD administration learns what the Nazi salute means to teachers and those students who had the courage to write their true feelings. What if a dialogue can begin about what that salute means and what is done to make those meanings and goals come to fruition?

If those who use the Nazi salute want to speak out, openly, about what that salute means to and for them, the AUSD will learn who are the Nazis among the student body and AUSD can work on what kind of effective educational element is necessary for AUSD to implement.

Middle school students are passionate with all kinds of chemically charged emotions and are susceptible to being whipped up into dedication to powerful beliefs and politics. What do you want your students to grow to believe? Do you want AUSD students to become constructive leaders who respect Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality? Or do you want your students to be groomed to be conspiracy theorists?

Of course, I would hope the people who make the Nazi salute will either no longer use its weaponry on an AUSD campus or will cease making it because they don’t actually want to kill Jews, and people of color, and LGBTQ+, and intellectuals, and physically and mentally challenged.

Do they know that “purification of humans on earth only to white people” is the Goal and Purpose of those who use the Nazi salute?

— CJ Kingsley