A New Year’s Resolution for the City Council

Mayor Ashcraft and members of the City Council:
As we start our new year 2023, I challenge Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft and the City Council to make this important New Year’s Resolution.

To provide the resources to raise the staffing level of police officers to a needed level that would bring equitable safety to our community.

Currently, it does not feel safe. Below are three examples of the results of what happens when our police department continues with a lack of staffing when needed. They are not able/available to respond quickly.

• A person made a withdrawal of money at a bank at South Shore Center and then drove home, pulled into her garage and was swiftly robbed at gunpoint by followers. Police officers were not able to attend to this crime for more than two hours.
• A person parks her car outside on the street in front of her home, and then finds soon after that her car is gone. Fortunately, this person has a tracking device on her car, so it can be located.
Alameda Police Department was notified but was unable to attend to this crime, due to a lack of staffing. Luckily, Oakland police officer were able to respond, found the car which now had darkened windows, and an assault rifle on the front seat.
• A businessperson had his office window smashed in and the office ransacked. Unfortunately, an Alameda police officer was not able to arrive on site for more than three hours.

All of us in Alameda need and want to feel safe in our surroundings. It is clear that our police officers are working very hard but are shorthanded. I challenge you and the City Council to find ways in which we can raise the number of police officers in our very beloved city.

— Don Sherratt

Editor’s note: The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter sent to the Alameda City Council.