Response to new indoor mask mandate

In response to Dr. Nicholas Moss from Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) ordering reinstatement of the COVID-19 indoor mask requirement for Alameda County, effective June 3 (“Alameda County Restores Mask Mandate for Indoor Public Settings,” June 3), I checked statistics for Alameda County to ascertain which recent findings led Moss to make such a decision. After reviewing the current COVID numbers published on ACPHD’s website, I am baffled by Moss’ action. Here are the stats:

Alameda County’s total population is 1.6 million, according to the latest U.S. Census. Of the 1.6 million residents, 1,310,871, or 82%, are fully vaccinated. There is no question citizens acted responsibly in helping to control the spread of the virus. And the latest numbers show this.

As of June 6, there were 566 new confirmed COVID-19 cases. Of these 119 patients were hospitalized, and 14 patients total were admitted to the I.C.U. There have been no COVID-related deaths reported since May 27, and on that date just one death was reported.

How can a count of 119 hospitalizations from a total of 1.6 million residents of Alameda County justify the return to the indoor mask mandate?

I have reached out to Dr. Moss and am still awaiting his response. If he responds to my request, I will be sure to submit a follow-up.

— Robert Vergas