Enough with the hog wash from City Hall

The city is adding more housing because they are afraid of being sued by the State of California? Excuse me, don’t insult us! How many cities have added as much housing as Alameda has, percentage wise?

How many units have been added at Alameda Point aka navy base?

How many units are being added to the waterfront, formerly Svendsen’s Boat Yard and vicinity?

How many units are being added at the former cannery?

How many units have been added by Webster?

The list goes on, not to mention all these single-family residences which have been transformed into multiple dwelling units.

Can someone at City Hall list the number of units that have been created over the last four/five years?

You are afraid of being sued? I have a better idea, how about being voted out of office!

Where is the environment impact study? You are telling us that these thousands of units do not affect traffic.

Hit and runs are no longer the headline they were because they are the norm, so is vandalism, car thefts, and yes, these include catalyst converters. My SUV was totaled while legally parked in front of my residence. My neighbor across the street had two trucks, numerous bicycles and a catalytic converter stolen.

Should we mention the carjacking and kidnapping of a toddler (“APD Officers Arrest Carjacking Suspect,” April 14). This is a sample of crime in the city, never mind the car crashes. This is in one single block!

Never mind the multiple shootings on Park Street (“Suspect Arrested for Two Local Shootings," May 5, 2021). Countless small businesses have been burglarized multiple times. Large retailers tired of their losses have simply canceled their lease and moved away.

This is the council’s legacy; this is the safe city you have created.

To all cyclists out there, be aware that the bicycle lanes in the city have not been created to help you go around town safely, but to limit the traffic and hopefully lower the speed limit.

On the other hand, you did not want the Alameda Police Department to use video cameras as you claimed they were useless. I have installed several and given the IP address so they can at any time of the day without asking to get hold of all the recordings.

I do recommend everyone to do the same. Will it lower crime? No. It will help solve them, certainly.

They do not want the police to do what we are paying them to do so they use you, the cyclist, to do the work.

— Joel