Stop the Congestion

Editor: On Monday, Jan. 10, I tried to enter Alameda through the tube. It was impossible, dead stop. Luckily, I could get out of line and use the freeway to the 16th Street exit and then go to Webster Street.

A week before it took more than 25 minutes to exit Alameda via the Park Street Bridge. It seems every time I read an Alameda paper there is a story about 400 new units here and 620 new units there. I believe there are about five to seven of these projects.

I, as a citizen of Alameda, propose any city official/planning board member who votes for one of these projects must move within a half-mile of the tube or bridge. If you are for an Alameda of 100,000-plus people and gridlock, you should live in the most congested part of town.

And don’t even get me started on the new and dangerous “condensed” streets in town. They are horrible.

— Armen Phelps