No dog parks at Krusi

Editor: Alameda Recreation and Park Department is considering putting in two dog parks at Krusi Park, Towata and Leydecker parks.

Parking is already maxed out around Krusi. On a daily basis and especially weekends, the baseball games and activities use up parking around the park and for many blocks in the neighborhood. During school hours children will make their way to the dog park. Every time I see a dog with a parent at Otis Elementary School there are crowds of children around the dog.

Dogs are a magnet for children. It is insane to consider a dog park near an elementary school. The persons planning this obviously do not have children. The plan would include taking up a substantial amount of grass and replace the area with dirt for the dogs. The plan is for two separate parks, one for large dogs and another for small ones.

Krusi has four tennis courts and four baseball fields with bleachers, a large children’s play area, a baby play area complete with play and pit, a children’s multi-use center, as well as a family picnic area with stage area and barbecue pits. Krusi Park already has too many people flocking there on a daily basis. Every day I see neighborhood residents relaxing enjoying the peace and cool air that comes with sitting under the tall trees on the grass. Krusi Park is unique and should not be destroyed or altered.

Towata Park already has the dirt area required for a park. It also has parking. I live across the street from Towata Park. In 20 years, I have never even sat at one of their benches. Furthermore, I have never witnessed anyone using Towata Park. Towata Park’s big on people walking through as on the way to the Bay Farm Bridge.

There are very few homes adjacent to Towata Park, so it is not going to disturb a neighborhood that really is non-existent. Towata is on the water’s edge with a bridge view and a substantial amount of noise from traffic going to and leaving the Main Island and Bay Farm Island.

Leydecker Park, is also a good choice, due to the amount of parking available, and the low amount of people who use the area where the dog parks are being considered. There would still be the need to tear out the beautiful grass and destroy the serenity of the area. The tennis courts and baseball fields are a good distance away so they would not be an issue.

Weighing all the pros and cons, Krusi Park is just not a good choice, for so many reasons.

— M. Myron Manow