Help support Boys & Girls Club

Editor: Boys & Girls Clubs serves nearly 4 million young people each and every year, To show its ongoing support in preparing today’s youth for a bright tomorrow Ross Stores, Inc. is partnering with Boys & Girls Clubs with a three-week program called, “Help Local Kids Learn.” Over the lifetime of this partnership, Ross Stores and the Ross Stores Foundation have been responsible for donations of $20 million in support of clubs across America.

From this Saturday, July 31. until Sunday, Aug. 22, Ross customers in Alameda can make a monetary contribution at checkout to the Alameda Boys & Girls Club.

Every $3 donation helps provide one hour of Power Hour homework help for a club youth, and $15 helps keep a kid safe after school. We encourage you to get to our local Ross store and donate. You can also donate at

— Lauren Zimmerman Cook, Chair Alameda Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors