To the contrary, Mr. Smith

Editor: I read with interest Jeffrey Smith’s letter “Disseminate this theory widely” in the July 22 edition of the Alameda Sun. He suggested that printing “billions of copies of Critical Race Theory (CRT) would dissuade potential immigrants from coming to America.

My understanding of CRT is not that it is a diatribe against America; rather it advocates an honest critique of our nation’s mistakes in the past: slavery, Jim Crow, poor treatment of native Americans, interment of Japanese citizens in World War II, etc. and this can lead to further improvements in our nation. Many people around the world still see America as a nation of freedom and opportunity; check out our southern border or the attitude of many of our Afghanistan allies who wish to come here. A recent joke counters some of Smith’s pessimism.

Question: A Jew and a Black walk into a bar in Atlanta. What does the bartender say?

Answer: “Welcome Senators.”
You gotta love this country.

— Tom Engh