Letters to the Editor

Extremely disappointed

Editor: I want to add my voice to the chorus of deeply disappointed Alamedans concerning the Alameda Sun’s loss of the contract for legal advertising to the Alameda Journal. That the winning bid was awarded to a non-locally-owned newspaper (where the additional revenue stream this contract will create is negligible in comparison to the deep cut in revenue to our own locally-owned Alameda Sun) is infuriating.

Frankly, it’s just plain wrong especially in light of the fact that the Sun will be deeply impacted. So much for successfully surviving during an epic pandemic.

Both Eric Kos and Dennis Evanosky contribute to the Alameda community every day and make heroic efforts to keep this small-town newspaper going. What the City of Alameda has done is testament to the cynical adage: “No good deed goes unpunished.”

It’s decisions like this that voters consider carefully when the next election comes around. I will not forget that John Knox White and Trish Spencer voted to award the contract to the Alameda Sun and that Marilyn Ashcraft-Ezzy, Tony Daysog and Malia Vella voted to award the contract to the Alameda Journal.

Leslie Walsh