Letters to the Editor

Is a wake-up call around the corner?

Editor: Reluctantly, and grudgingly, there has been some admission over recent months, that many of the accusations levelled against former President Trump were, in fact, politically-motivated hokum—things like collusion with Russians or the impossibility of a Wuhan lab leak.

Unfortunately, it has not yet reached the point where people are jolted out of their ho-hum fantasies and political hatreds. My point is not to get people on the FOX side of the silly tug of war between news channels. I’m trying to get people to think.
For example, if the safe and inexpensive drug ivermectin had been promoted by the medical establishment last year, hundreds of thousands of American lives might have been saved from COVID. The media is still covering this up. This is an outrage and people should not shrug it off! And what about climate change? Every facet of our economy and culture is being shaped by the impending doom of climate change.

And yet, Steven Koonin, a former climate scientist in the Obama administration has just created an uproar by publishing a book, Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters, which documents how we are nor facing an imminent climate catastrophe.

Will this spark a major reassessment of economic and educational policies of the past few decades? This also could save countless lives. Members of City Council, take note.

Hunter Cobb