Letters to the Editor

Enforce speed limit on Willie Stargell

Editor: Willie Stargell Avenue has become a race track between Fifth Street and Main Street throughout the week. There are no stop lights, stop signs, or speed bumps on this busy narrow two-lane city street. It’s not unusual for cars and trucks to exceed the posted 25 mph speed limit by 20-25 mph.

There are two heavily used streets that intersect in this short 1 Half mile section of Willie Stargell. Turning into and out of Mosley and Coral Sea is a never-ending drama, given the speed of the vehicles on the street. There are also two crosswalks at those streets that are used by those in the Coast Guard Housing as well as others.

These crosswalks are also used by children going to and from the Ruby Ridges Elementary School. There have been numerous incidents involving vehicles as well as stationery signs, utility and electrical boxes, and trees.

The situation has probably worsened with new businesses opening on the former base. Usage of the street has also likely increased with the construction of the new housing being built there as well. It is past time for traffic-control measures to be installed on this section of Willie Stargell. While such measures cannot ensure that all speeding will stop, they would greatly help — as they have on similar streets in the area such as Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway.

I have written, via email, all members of the City Council regarding this issue. I hope that others will join me in asking them to take action to ensure that our streets are safe. Their email addresses are on the City’s website under “Your Government.”

Jerry K. Mitchell