Letters to the Editor

Fernside nightmares

Editor: I am a distance runner, and I drive a car. Both brought on recent “interesting” experiences on Fernside Boulevard near Encinal Avenue.

Last Saturday i was returning from an 11.5-mile run around Mt. Trashmore and then Bay Farm Island. I stopped my run at the crosswalk near Lincoln Middle School. You can press a button at that crosswalk and lights will flash so cars will stop.

So I pressed the button, the lights flashed and I looked up to the sound of screeching tires. I had not noticed the driver of a Mustang speeding down Fernside from Otis Drive. His Eminence stopped and blew his horn at me. I crossed Fernside and His Eminence blew his horn again and told me to have a nice day.

I was going to say something back to him and give him one of my “high signs,” but I was too tired.

Two days later (last evening) .I was waiting at the red light on Encinal at Fernside. The light turned green and the very kind lady in the car behind me blew her horn; not to tell me to hurry up, but, I think, to distract me so the car that had just run the red light wouldn’t hit me. My, oh my.

Dennis Evanosky