Letters to the Editor

Approving big-box newspaper

Editor: The Alameda City Council awarding the next city contract for legal notices to the conglomerate-owned Alameda Journal instead of the locally owned Alameda Sun is the moral equivalent of approving a big box store to take the place of a mom-and-pop business serving the community and doing everything it can to stay afloat.
In better times, the Alameda Sun put its resources to work for our community in various ways, including helping form Project Tree in partnership with Alameda Backyard Growers. Thanks to Eric Kos and the Sun, there are 83 more trees in Alameda yards than there were before the start of the program in late 2016, including six fruit trees at the Alameda Boys and Girls Club. Community-minded, generous in resources and spirit, that is the Alameda Sun, its owners and its staff.
We’ve been encouraged to shop locally, and many of us do. In that same spirit a flood of Alameda Sun readers have stepped up to subscribe to the Sun, in spite of the fact that we used to be able to enjoy it gratis. The cost to support the Alameda Sun by running city legal notices, when broken down by number of occupied housing units in town amounts to about $1.40 per unit.
Meanwhile, a big thank You to Trish Herrera-Spencer and John Knox-White for voting to keep the Sun as Official Newspaper of the City of Alameda.

Marla Koss