A note to the Chief

Dear Chief Joshi:

I was relieved to see an Alameda Poliice Department (APD) vehicle monitoring traffic at the High Street Bridge during Tuesday’s commute.

I appreciate what your department does for Alameda. I think many drivers who do not at least fear the consequences of seeing APD monitoring traffic. This was especially evident Tuesday when I noticed everyone driving
not at, but under, the speed limit.

Many days I find myself having to pull over once I”m in Alameda to let the speeding tailgaters by, but not on Tuesday.

Many days, I wonder which car will race through a red light and put all of us in danger, but not on Tuesday.

Often when I see an APD vehicle I remember singer-songwriter David Crosby’s line, “It increases my paranoia, like looking in my rear-view mirror and seeing a police car.”

I laughed on Tuesday to thinkhow those words applied to some of the drivers.

Chief Joshi, just having these offiicrs on the road makes us all safter. Their being there will slow things down and just might save lives.

I found this especially touching this week when I learned that a drunk driver killed a pedestrian. I also recalled the story wrote about a man a driver struck here in Alameda and who later died of his injuries. I hope to see more of your offficers on the roads.

— Dennis Evanosky