Council jumps ship on sinking Sun

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter:

Dear City Council:

I was very disappointed to read in our local paper, which is published in Alameda by a devoted Alamedan, that you recently sold that paper out to a corporate rag over approximately $40,000 in savings (a minuscule portion of our annual budget for fiscal year ‘20-‘21, which rounds to 0%.

To Councilmember Tony Daysog: For someone who claims to support “mom-and-pop” small businesses in Alameda, I find your decision to be unconscionable and absolutely hypocritical. Throwing a struggling local business under the bus to save a couple dollars is penny wise, pound foolish and suggests that your claimed support for local business is nothing more than lip service.

To Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft and Vice-Mayor Malia Vella: Look at who you sided with here, both for your third vote and also in the larger issue of small local business vs large corporate interests. When Walmart wants to set up shop next to Paganos, will you take the same positions?

Alameda is a wonderful city in no small part because of our small, local businesses, including a local paper which has survived massive national structural change in their media along with added short term pandemic stressors this past year.

Jumping ship on a struggling company is something I would expect from Goldman Sachs, not a small town city council ostensibly interested in keeping local newspapers alive through hard times. This decision was a disservice to all Alamedans.

To Joh I have also copied John Knox White and Trish Spencer. I want to thank them for trying.

— Richard Thomas