R. I. P.

R. I. P.

Reality will soon set in,
Your heart will slowly start to break,
You’ll know the end has finally come,
There’s not much more that you can take.

We’ve been together all these years,
I’ve groomed and taken such good care,
I’ve nourished, cherished, shed some tears,
But all the while was unaware

That forces stronger than us both
Had taken charge. There was no way,
With our closed eyes, that we could see
How this would, finally, end one day.

I can’t replace this tragic loss,
I’ll feel the pain, an unhealed scar
Will rend my soul at such great cost
I’ll hardly know just who you are.

Now that our water’s all but gone
We’ll say good-bye to our green lawn.

Arthur Lenhardt 2021

Arthur Lenhardt