Cartoon confuses catoonist


I was quite confused by Mr. Heller’s cartoon in the Alameda Sun on June 3. It seems to contradict itself in terms of reaching its targets, The illustration is, at first study, paradoxically condescending to believers in science and religion alike. Who is this supposed to offend, enlighten, or entertain? What was the goal here?

I am by no means supporting or discounting creationism or alternate theories, but, technically, it’s still a theory, and the teacher seems to be dictating this as the only explanation for the virus as an analogue to Darwin’s work.

Given the bizarre revelations in Dr. Fauci’s own emails — revealed, coincidentally, on the day of this cartoon’s publication — it no longer seems it to be a “theory” that the virus came from or was potentially manipulated by a lab.

Alternate captions should have been considered. Perhaps the pupil could have said, “My dad says to read the Fauci emails,” or, perhaps “My dad says to read the testimonies of the Wuhan lab whistleblowers,”

Perhaps I am overthinking this but I suspect it was written to mock those who question the official narrative. I’m just offended that the joke doesn’t land.

— Juan Cabo