Letters crash hard drive


Reading the Letters to the Editor section of the June 10 Alameda Sun, I am thrown into a tailspin. A succinct well-crafted letter by Bob Barde (“Amateur and racist”) describes the editing of “Claim Filed” as “Very amateurish, if not racist.”

An adjacent letter, by Stanley Voogd (“Upset by inaccurate, misleading statements”) argues that “the officers did everything possible” and that publisher Dennis Evanosky may be jumping on a bandwagon to “blame the police.”

If the accusations contained in the two letters could be labeled as a media bias, the Bob Barde letter would categorize Evanosky’s bias as racist and conservative. The letter from Stanley Voogd places Evanosky’s bias on the liberal Freemanpolice bashing wing of the political spectrum.

In a polarized society in which there is no room for middle ground, ovine, invertebrate readers such as myself, who do not want to risk opprobrium, want, indeed need, to be told what to think and whom to judge.

The contradictory letters have crashed my hard drive. I am sitting on the fence, and it is not comfortable. Would someone tell me what I should be thinking? Toss me a bone here, SVP.

— Jeffrey R Smith