Protecting Regular Folks


So the man who will be making the bucks says it’s all going to be safe (“Hazardous Waste on West End Not Likely,” Jan. 9)? Hmm. It’s been my understanding that most American ports do very little inspection of much of anything coming into this country by ship. But if there’s lots of money to be made, surely it’ll be safe. And it’s not like the government ever avoids telling us about toxic spills or seeping nuclear waste or geoengineering (that white hazy stuff they spray over the Bay Area virtually every day, that’s supposed to look like clouds. Remember voting for that?). I’m sure our government, always the champion of the regular folks, not corporations, is going to protect us from all bad things. On the other hand, if we ever find out just how much radiation is already in our waters because of Fukushima, we’ll likely be mostly dead by then, from all the rest of the normal, legal poisoning that happens in our water, air and food. Why do we let the bad guys do bad things to us? Because we are the battered wife.

Jaan Carter