Please help make our housing affordable

Debbie and Adam both live in Alameda, and they both work for the same company. For Debbie, this is her first full time job after overcoming homelessness and finding housing and support at the Alameda Point Collaborative (APC). Adam has been at this a while and is in fact the head of the company where they both work. Debbie and Adam work at Penumbra, an important Alameda employer.

Both Penumbra and APC have endorsed and donated to the Yes on Measure Z campaign. They both want the same thing for their employees and residents — the opportunity to live and work in Alameda.

Debbie has come a long way in her struggle to overcome the trauma of homelessness and would like to graduate and move out of APC to provide space for others, but there are very few housing opportunities available in Alameda, thanks in large part to constricted housing creation because of Article 26.
Debbie will be forced to move to the Central Valley, where housing is more available. She will face long commute hours and added stress and will likely quit her job to take a lower paying, less rewarding job close by. She will lose her opportunity to “do something that helps people lives” as she likes to say, and Adam will lose a trained employee.

APC is proud of Debbie, and proud to endorse, support an encourage our residents to vote “yes” on Measure Z.

— Doug Biggs Executive Director, Alameda Point Collaborative