‘Yes’ on Z

The State of California dictates how much housing Alameda must plan for. Voting “yes” on Z will allow Alamedans who live here now to decide how best to meet our legal and moral obligation to provide new housing.

Are we a welcoming community that plans for residents of all ages and incomes and backgrounds? Or are we only going to build the types of housing that require Silicon Valley incomes and the long car commutes and traffic that entails?

Are we going to place our required housing in transit corridors to mitigate congestion and climate change impacts? Or are we going to push all new housing to a few select locations on the outskirts of town where good transit options are scarce and car dependence is assured?

These are the questions that all of us can answer together in the coming years. But first we must repeal the archaic and ultimately discriminatory Article 26 in order for the community to have a say in what type of city we want to be for the next 47 years. The voters of 1973 had their say. Now it is our turn.

— Brian McGuire