Vote Z for flexibility

For decades the Bay Area has produced far more jobs than housing units (eight times more jobs than houses per one estimate). In response the Bay region has formed a housing authority that allocates each city a quota of new units to build. Voting “yes” for Z gives us the flexibility to add this housing in the most efficient and spread out ways.

Because of the current 2000 sq. ft. requirement for lot size, and the no multi-family housing requirements, under present law we would have to concentrate our new housing at existing shopping centers because that is where the open land is. But with Measure Z in place we will be able to build in commercial districts and transit corridors, like Park and Webster streets. And since the units could be smaller they can be more affordable without having to subsidize all of them.

Measure Z lets us, the current residents of Alameda, choose what the best types of housing are for today, in 2020, instead of what was 47 years ago. Together, we can build what is best for Alameda’s future. Yes on Z.

— Eric Strimling