‘Yes’ on Z

I encourage all Alamedans to vote “yes” on Z. There are many arguments that have been made in favor of Z that are rightly based on considerations around diversity and inclusion. I have nothing eloquent to add to those. My argument is far more pragmatic. Good governance requires the ability of the governing body to adjust to changing situations. As such, constitutional (charter-level) limitations on that governing body should be the exception and not the rule.

Measure A fundamentally limits the ability of the City Council and Planning Board from adjusting zoning and city plans to keep up with changing situations in Alameda and the greater Bay Area. Arguing that repealing Measure A means that all our great homes will be torn down and replaced with skyscrapers is foolish fearmongering. What it does do is give our city planners the ability to create rational plans for housing growth, subject to voter oversite. As such, removing Measure A from the City Charter is the best way to enable good and responsive governance.

— Matt Parker