Necessity of Measure Z

As a young college graduate currently living in Alameda, I would implore those who are on the fence about Measure Z to vote “yes”. Article 26, written well over forty years ago, was created for the express purpose of keeping people of lower income out of our city.

For years, proponents of Article 26 have been knocking down proposals to add affordable housing in Alameda, voicing concerns about the destruction of Victorian-era homes (which are already protected under a different law), traffic and other perceived nuisances. Is this all that holds our city back from allowing more people of lesser income to live in it?

College graduates and other young people are finding it exceedingly difficult, if not impossible to afford to live here, even in places of modest quality. Any new housing construction in our city is currently confined to largely expensive, single-family homes. How many countless young families and graduates that would ultimately thrive in Alameda been denied the chance to do so?

Alameda is an amazing city, and I am proud to have grown up here. It would be shameful to not let others share in its quality.

— Reed C. McCoy