Measure Z A Good Fit

I live in a wonderful fourplex that is the epitome of Alameda charm. The only reason I’m able to live in it is because, before Article 26 was put in place, it was divided into apartments. I am fortunate enough to live near Neptune Court, which is a beautiful set of cottages that wouldn’t be allowed under Article 26.

My neighbors and I can live in a walkable neighborhood with good public transit because of this multi-family housing, which is no longer allowed under Article 26. In fact, I only use my car a few times a month, doing my part to help fight traffic congestion and free up roads for those who do need to drive.

I am a single person and definitely do not need a 2,000 square foot lot. Many of my neighbors are single, childless couples or have small families, and also prefer to live in a smaller space. Imagine if we all had to live in 2,000-square-foot properties, which is the only type of building allowed under Article 26.

Then you would see so much more sprawl and less of the charming Alameda we all love.

I urge you all to vote “yes” on Measure Z to enhance our vibrant community and to create a diversity of housing options.

Bronwyn Harris