It’s past time

A city’s charter is the cornerstone document that tells the story of who that city is. Alameda has had many identities over her relatively short history. Playground for wealthy San Franciscans. A city of homes and beaches. Navy town. A city that proclaims, “Everyone Belongs Here.”

That last identity is in stark contrast to the experience of people who were not allowed to buy property here, who could not get a home shown to them, who were named in restrictive covenants as emphatically not belonging in our neighborhoods. We have not yet done all of the work we need to do to repair the harm to this city done by Article 26. Repealing it will not be enough, but we can’t begin without it.

It’s past time to remove exclusionary zoning from our city’s charter. Let’s move forward, Alameda. Vote “yes” on Measure Z!

— Kristin Welch