Livable, walkable, vibrant Alameda

I love Alameda and would love to be able to grow old here. My home is a single-family house that will be challenging to navigate with mobility issues.

When I imagine a future Alameda that’s inclusive and livable, I envision a safe and walkable city with many housing types including small bungalow courts along with low-rise condominiums and apartments, suitable for elders and young families of many income levels.

It’s too bad that since 1973, our charter has said those housing types don’t belong here, even in places that combine small businesses and housing. A gentle density can ensure that we have housing to accommodate all types of households, helps us meet our state-mandated housing numbers, and provides much needed foot traffic for small businesses.

For example, in the various station districts such as Chestnut Station and Morton Station on Encinal Avenue and Grand Station on Lincoln Avenue.

It’s too bad that we have a zoning ordinance hammered into our charter that hamstrings our community’s ability to make decisions about what housing types could be best suited to various locations in the city. Let’s make a start toward fixing that. Vote “yes” on Measure Z.

— Gaylon Parsons