A plan for the many Jacksons

Mindful of the city budget and acknowledging that we must now purchase new signage at Jackson Park, why not a name suitable for many? Let’s add an S to the old sign and call it Jacksons Park. Just think of all the Jacksons we might honor—or even weigh the reputations of, mindful of the good along with the bad.

N Cinephiles have Samuel L. as well as Peter.
N Baseball fans have Reggie, Shoeless Joe, and Bo, multiple options.
N Those who respect substantive civil rights leaders over divisive nomenclature issues have Jesse. Horror readers have Shirley.
N Sportscasters have Keith, hockey has Busher, and those who like trippy hoops coaches have Phil.
N For English actresses turned politicians there’s Glenda. Mixed martial artists have Quinton.
N Music fans have a whole host of Jacksons to honor! Janet, Michael, Joe, Alan, Randy, Jermaine, Mahalia, Joseph, Millie, Tito, Trevor, Marlon, Jackie, Wanda, and Cheyenne.
N You should see all the football players named Jackson! I tell you, there’s something for everyone in this plan.

We could have polls where, for a small donation to cast the ballot, we could annually elect our top five, with name plates to be hung on the park’s main sign and call it Jackson Five Park. Only we must make it clear that this park is not named for Stonewall. He fought on the wrong side of history.

— Ben Miller