Article 26 protected Alameda

I moved to Alameda 19 years ago, because I thought it was a good place to raise my daughter. I fell in love with the local homes— Victorian-era, Arts & Crafts, Mediterranean — all hand built by skilled craftspeople. Prior to the passage of Measure A (article 26) in 1974, many of these historic, architecturally beautiful homes were torn down in order to build ugly multi-unit apartments, by people wanting to make a quick buck. Article 26 put an end to this wanton destruction, and I am thankful for that.

I understand that there are aspects of article 26 that may need to be amended to make it more relevant to the needs of today. However, if we remove article 26 altogether, we take away protection of our historic community, placing it in the hands of city leaders who are not always responsive to the wishes of their constituents.

— Joyce Boyd