A Letter from a Concerned Citizen

Dear Editor:
What follows is a letter I have sent to each Council Member of Alameda, I thought the Alameda Sun would also appreciate it. Thank you for your consideration:  

The other night, I listened to the City Council Meeting and heard something which concerned me. What concerned me was the acronym “ACAB”.  To enlighten you,  I would like to offer the definition of this term. During the meeting I heard this term used multiple times. Once used by a Lincoln Middle School student and another when an adult speaker praised the child for saying it. This phrase, “ACAB”, stands for “All Cops Are Bastards.” This concerns me for several reasons, not only is it derogatory towards our public servants, but also concerns me personally as a parent of a future Alameda student. Is this how we are encouraging our students to behave in Alameda schools? What happened to common decency and respecting public servants? As elected officials, Mayors, and Council Members your duty is to uphold, respect, and protect the citizens of this beautiful island and that includes supporting our police department. 

These men and women have silently saved and protected numerous Alameda lives and in return we reward them by  teaching and encouraging our children to use terms such as “ACAB”. The respectful and wholesome Alameda family community I once knew growing up has been slowly degrading thanks to the attitudes and policies implemented by this council. As a concerned citizen, parent, and spouse I am calling for a return to common decency and to stand up for what’s right, rather than falling to perceived public pressure. 

Sadly your council won’t have to “defund the police”. Our city is already short staffed and in need of more officers. Of the few officers we have, many are retiring and now, with the lack of support of this council, I fear many more will leave. By freezing the hiring and greatly limiting officers ability to do their jobs, you will lose the excellent, hard working police Alameda has enjoyed for many years. Not to mention, the discouraging effect this will have on future officers’ desire to work here due to this council’s lack of support, even with the already substantial hiring bonus. 

Aleksander Solzhenitsyn once said “One man who stopped lying could bring down a tyranny” and in that same vein I hope to bring a small amount of truth to you today. Defunding the police is a farce, a lie propagated by an increasingly progressive agenda and historically the first step towards oppressive tyrannies. We have seen these policies played out countless times throughout the twentieth century. Please learn from your predecessors past mistakes and prevent further tragedy in this city. I realize going against the grain on this issue will be challenging, but if you have any integrity left you will support the Alameda police department in full. Although crime may have not affected you personally, it has affected me and my family and we have chosen to leave Alameda. I fear that the criminals infiltrating and ruining our once beautiful island will be a small problem compared to the ideological policies this council is enacting and I want no part in that future. There is always an opportunity to change, and my family and I hope that one day Alameda City Council will return to the values it was founded on, but until that day goodbye and good luck. 


— Anthony Russell