Who’s really to blame?

The No. 1 Alameda public concern prior to COVID-19 was automobile-pedestrian fatalities! Four people killed in the first three months of 2020. Then comes late May. Mali Watkins dancing in one of the most-traveled streets across Alameda is not a concern?
If he’d been left alone by the Alameda Police Department (APD), hit by a car, then what?  Blame APD? A repeat essentially of the allegedly suicidal man walking out into San Francisco Bay on Memorial Day 2011? Some have brought up that history and blamed APD.

Answering Don Curtis’ letter (“Not the Alameda I know and love," June 18): Watkins did not cooperate, APD was polite and calm. Racism is you opinion. Raymond Zack was white, he died of hypothermia. 

Seems to me some may have a short attention problem.


— Warren Dole