Canine takes umbrage with feline’s view

After having read Rudey the Cat’s false accusations (“Rudy’s friend Rudey responds rudely,” March 26) I am forced to respond. A cat being a dog’s better half? Don’t make me laugh. To set the record straight, I am well trained and would never pee on a Christmas tree.

I am sure Rudey’s owner-servant has to provide him with a box to prevent him from spraying all over the house. I can always tell when I am in a cat house by the scratches on the furniture and the odor from the cat box. Before my time, my Old Lady banned cats from our house after “Bianca” peed inside her grand piano.

I have to agree with Rudey that when it come to trees and backsides, my sensitive nose tells me a lot. The Old Man wishes I could use the same sensitivity to report on politicians.

Another good point Rudey makes is he is unleashed. My neighbor’s cats regularly leave deposits to taunt me. Maybe our city mothers and fathers, in their never-ending quest for revenue, should consider a leash and license law for cats. Maybe then Rudey would not have such a condescending attitude.

You are not worth the effort, but if you ever would like to meet “Gato a Perro,” I might be able to show you another good use for trees.


Rudy the Dog (John Platt)