In this time of Need, Consecrate yourselves

A Consecrated Soul

Dear Editor,
I found some writing on the internet after having read in the Bible, I think it was in the book of Samuel? But one of the chiefs of a tribe said to his people, “Consecrate yourselves,” as they were about to go into a situation where someone would have to atone for a wrong-doing, against the other tribe.
Now my thoughts were like most people, “I thought you had to be blessed by an Elder who has been given official rights.
On the contrary, according to some information I found on the internet originally written on October 23, 2019 by a Christian Elder. Apparently, like the text in the Bible, you can consecrate yourselves. There are ten steps you need to consecrate yourselves.
Nine of which can be used by any faith, the single one that might be considered solely Christian is the requirement to be baptized. I feel blessed that I have been baptized twice by two different Evangelical churches, and I have been anointed with oil three times, once by an Evangelical church and twice most recently by Apostolic Orthodox churches, but I am not sure it is necessary.
Though I am using Christian vows, I am choosing to be non-denominational. As long as you stand for Human Rights, seek God from within yourself, you will be on the right track regardless of your faith. The real purpose of religious ceremony is not to profess your faith, and that is how so many religions get off track. The real purpose is through deep reflection ongoing daily, you will bring yourself to a vibrational holiness that is considered spiritual and ethical reflecting a Divine likeness as stated in Leviticus 19:2. Again, I only know Christian doctrine to explain what is not solely Christian at all.
I have found over many years of seeking God, more than 48 years, all true faiths will promote Love and Peace, no matter from which continent. Many people who have experienced a devastating war in their homeland often come to the understanding that forgiveness and love bring peace. Let’s skip the war and jump straight into forgiveness, Peace and Love. That is where I stand as I consecrate myself today.

Gina Lynell


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