Youth excited for McKay project

As a neighbor to Crab Cove and McKay Avenue, I am so excited to see the developments happening in my neighborhood! Last April our community voted overwhelmingly to support allowing the Alameda Wellness and Medical Respite Center to be built.  

I have been following the progress of this project since day one and am a strong supporter. Today I saw that the preliminary designs have been submitted to the city for design review and I have had a chance to take a look at them as well. I am positive that the facility will be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. 

I know that there are people who still oppose the project, but I ask them to keep an open mind and heart. In the last two years, since the McKay Avenue property became available, five people who were homeless have died on the streets of Alameda. 

Like you, I am troubled by the plight of the many homeless I see on the street and in encampments in the East Bay. I also know how very close any of us could be to homelessness, even if we’re comfortable now. A job loss or medical emergency could put me or any of my neighbors in that position. I sincerely hope that compassion would prevail for any of us. I am also proud that our city will be a home to provide a safe, healing place for our most vulnerable community members to heal and thrive. 

My first-grade nephew has been following the project eagerly, as he has told me before that he’s worried about homeless people “especially people who are sick.” 

Every time he visits, we walk to Crab Cove and he asks when people will be able to move into the Wellness Center. Last time, he asked for details.

“Will they have couches to rest on and showers to get clean? Will they have comfy beds and good doctors and nurses? It is important that they have these things to get better.” 

May we all have the compassion of this six-year-old.


— Bronwyn Harris