Open letter to Bonta

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter.

Dear Assm. Bonta:
Regarding the decision not to use piers at Alameda Point for the Grand Princess (“Grand Princess Arrives in Oakland,” March 12) due to alleged silting problems, the Maritime Administration berths a number of Ready Reserve Force (RRF) cargo ships there, some of which must be maintained in sufficiently high readiness to be capable of getting underway within five days.

What is the extent of this purported Alameda silting and might it not prevent the RRF cargo ships from sailing? 

My quick review of the situation says several of the RRF ships at Alameda draw more water than the Grand Princess, which has a listed draft of 25 feet. The GTS Admiral William Callaghan now berthed at Alameda draws 29 feet of water.

So if silting prevents the Grand Princess from coming in to Alameda, would it not also prevent the Admiral Callaghan from going out? Something smells fishy here.


— David C. Foote Captain, U.S. Navy, Ret.