Resident gets gassy with Council, Sun

I read that the City Council voted unanimously to limit the use of natural gas on newly constructed buildings on city property (“City Approves Phasing Out of Natural Gas,” Nov. 14, 2019). The effort is intended to reduce green-house-gas emissions. I did not see anything that said the energy to replace the natural gas must come from non-green-house-gas emitting sources, such as solar, wind or hydro. 

If the gas is replaced by electricity from the grid, green-house-gas emissions will only be increased because natural gas is the largest source of fuel for generating electricity used in the state. I would like to know how the City Council intends to replace the use of natural gas.

Also, the response that followed the letter “Forget Carbon Dioxide” (“Editor’s note,” Dec. 5, 2019) read “The Alameda Sun Opinion page is not meant to be a scientific document.” It should have read: “Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is made up.”



— Charles Herget

Editor’s note: Let’s try saying it another way. Alameda Sun readers will neither prove nor deny the existence of climate change definitively on the Opinion page. Nothing can be proved scientifically using one’s opinion.