Sun is completely disgusting

I find it pretentious if not completely disgusting that the Alameda Sun finds it newsworthy to promote a movement that undermines our constitutional right to vote in a president (“Women March to Unseat President,” Jan. 23). Progressivism in Alameda has gone too far. Not only did the City Council establish a Sanctuary City stance without the approval of its residents but now they promote removal of a duly elected president. Alameda and its residents have gone too far. 

Some of us like President Donald Trump and appreciate how he has improved our country. Some of us have benefited from the strong economy. Some of us hate the fact that the cost of living in the Bay Area has become unaffordable and deplore the stench of people crapping on our streets. Don’t assume all of us buy into the California socialism that Alameda government promotes. 

Make America Great Again! 



— Bruce Mainprice

Editor’s note: A demeaning phrase aimed at the demonstrators was removed from this letter.