School Board: Uncap this tax!

For the fifth time in 12 years the school board has proposed a parcel tax with a cap so that the owners of the city’s largest parcels pay a rate that is substantially less than the owner of a small bungalow or condominium. How much less? 

Well for the very largest parcels about 97 percent less. Unlike bonds where they pay at a uniform rate per dollar of valuation, with this proposed tax, every square foot over 32,000 is untaxed. The shopping centers and many commercial buildings frequently contain several hundred thousand square feet. 

If the last parcel tax was redone to eliminate the cap, there would be no need for an additional parcel tax. Alameda is proud to be a progressive city, so why is a tax with special treatment for the wealthiest on the ballot? 

I urge Alamedans to reject this tax and demand to know why there is special treatment for those well positioned to pay what the average taxpayer is expected to pay.


Edward Hirshberg