Song strikes chord

The following is a song composed by Encinal High School Junior Jet Malia Gordon, a seventh grader. Malia performed the song, in front of a capacity crowd, at the Home of Truth in Alameda on the evening of Jan. 17. The conspicuously up-beat lyrics earned highly favorable comments from many in attendance. The lyrics reveal a zen-like awareness well beyond the years of the lyricist.

New Year’s Pledge
Malia Gordon

I only have so many decades in a 
Planning them out can be pretty 
And once in a while I’ll think to 
“How would living in the present 
I start planning goals out for my 
I’m afraid more of them will be 
I think again to myself:
That the things I put my mind to 
   can be achieved.

Life goes by so fast
Decades too.
I fill these years with happiness;
Not blues.
Frowns aren’t worth our while,
Smile everyday;
Life is our oyster so I have fun and 

This is our New Year’s pledge;
This year make strong relations;
Don’t waste your time on ones that 
   aren’t true.
The ones that make you feel cozy 
   and warm inside,
Are the ones that you should 
   definitely choose.

Our New Year’s pledge consists of 
   all these things;
Living life to our fullest selves;
This is our New Year’s pledge,
This is our New Year’s pledge,
This is our New Year’s pledge.

Jeffrey R. Smith