The dog has a point

Acknowledging Rudy the dog’s observations about the oftentimes less-than-stellar driving habits of our island’s residents, (“A Dog’s Eye View of the Island City,” Oct. 24) I am particularly surprised by a general lack of respect for stop signs.  

Like Rudy’s human, I retired a few years ago. Scooter, Flint and I now walk several miles every morning over various routes around town. What quickly caught my attention on the walks is that by far the majority of drivers do not stop at stop signs. 

Some drivers slow down to a near stop, some slow down just enough to claim to have made some effort, and some don’t bother to slow down. I watched a respectable looking grey-haired lady in a late-model car blow right through a stop sign, without slowing down, at an intersection next to a school last week. I see cars make right turns onto larger streets without slowing down. I could go on.

I speculate that people ignore stop signs as their token way of rebelling against the constraints we live under in civilized society. And I don’t expect that there is anything that I could do, or say, that would make anyone see the error of their ways. But, I do strongly recommend, when you are out walking, that you not step out in front of a vehicle at an intersection believing that it is going to stop.


David Hardbarger