Take the no-water-bottle pledge starting today

Many of us lament the degradation of our environment but mostly point fingers at politicians and others as the cause. However, so much of the problem comes down to the way we choose to live. 

Urged on by our daughters (ages 10 and 13), our family has started gathering weekly with neighbors to learn what we can do, discuss practical actions we can take, and challenge each other to take them. We have started by watching the eight-minute “Story of Bottled Water” online video. 

Here in Alameda, where we have some of the best water in the world on tap, there is no excuse for using disposable plastic water bottles. The convenience is just not worth the impact on our planet (watch the video for yourself). Reusable water bottles, water fountains, pitchers and jugs can all serve us well. 

We are making a “no plastic water bottle” pledge in our family. We challenge every Alameda family, school, sports league, worshipping community, business and organization to make the same pledge for the good of our planet. Stop buying disposable water bottles, discourage their use and educate others to do the same. 

It’s a simple, meaningful way to make a difference. 


The Canavese-Naffziger family

Editor’s note: As of Monday, Oct. 28, the Alameda Sun agreed to join the Canavese-Naffzinger family in taking the no-water-bottle pledge. To be clear, we’re not giving up our water cooler. It uses large plastic containers that are continually refilled anyway. But henceforth we do pledge that the Sun, as a business, shall never again purchase a single-use water bottle.