Open letter to Council on South Shore

Dear Mayor, City Council and Staff of South Shore Center:
I have studied the proposed redevelopment of the South Shore Center. As an Alameda resident, my concerns are as follows (in order of importance):

  • Safety risks from natural disasters (due to the liquefaction of soil under the buildings not to mention the difficulty evacuating all residents off the Island)
  • Loss of any current stores (especially local mom-and-pop stores like Pagano’s as well as Kohls, our only department store)
  • Increased everyday traffic on the Island in general as well as getting on and off the Island
  • Legal enforcement that affordable housing located near the beach will remain affordable (which seems unlikely)
  • Funds from developer to pay for additional police, firefighters and public transit
  • Insufficient parking (why isn’t there a parking garage for this higher-density use?)
  • Tall buildings cutting off the view of the ocean from locals
  • Lack of additional public transport (why aren’t additional bus stops planned?)
  • Insufficient green spaces incorporated into plan with emphasis on access to beach
  • Potential loss of neighborhood walkability/pedestrian appeal of shopping center

This development has a long way to go to win over Alamedans. The developer and city would do well to read concerns expressed on But this list is also a good place to start.

Thank you for consideration of my concerns.


Chase R. Martin