Only the greedy profit

In reply to Susan Hauser (“Housing Crisis Relief within Island’s Reach,” Oct. 17), I would say that 1973’s Measure A is a barrier only to corporate greed. Almost immediately after local voters passed Measure A, the state legislature introduced statewide law that provides for developers to ignore local measures like Measure A when building projects that include affordable housing for the most needful of our society.

That law has been on the books for decades, and we see projects in the present day that achieve the intent, allowing corporations to maximize their profit only when providing low-income housing.

Repealing Measure A would be a boon to corporate profiteers, not to those who need affordable housing, as it would remove a restriction that presses developers to find ways to build affordable housing, to get their projects done.

Those calling for the repeal of Measure A are simply doing the bidding of greedy, corporate profiteers.


David Howard